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Dreaming about war

War is obvisouly related to violence and death. In the dream’s world, war and battle represent conflict and mental confusion that is expressed as fighting or battle in dreams. In reality, a person is fighting with one part of their personality for control. There are two common meanings about dreaming of fighting in a war or just being part of this, the pyschological and the mystical where you can read about them below.

Psychological Meaning: Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalys considered dreams of war to be between the dreamer’s conscious and unconscious minds. It may represent the struggle between the deep instinctive forces and the rules of conscious conduct. On the other hand, the mystical meaning, says that the dreamer should be aware of difficulties and danger.

Another meaning also includes that a war can symbolise a really busy schedule, where you maybe expected things to be busy and that a war can be symbolic of your own personal battles. Think of ways in which you are having to battle though life. It could be a symbol of depression.

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