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Dreaming of running

Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Running is a symbol of the changes which constantly take place in life. But this time it will be as close as it is possible.
If you run alone without any company, Miller dream book interprets it as a positive sign it means that competitors, friends and random opponents will be far behind you in a race that might simply disappear from view. Of course, this does not indicate a cooling of relations. It means that luck will accompany the leader. Respectively, you will achieve a more favorable position in financial terms, and will move on the social ladder.
Sometimes, people ask the question “What if I had a dream in which I run from danger?”. It probably means that it is necessary to pay attention to risky projects because losses are possible. If you see friends running from danger, there is a chance to save them from potential trouble, so try to talk with them whenever is possible.
Run, is a symbol of speed, endurance and perseverance. It also means that you shouldn’t abandon own undertakings in the middle.

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